Special Offer: Personal Care

For a limited time, the Lutheran Community at Telford is waiving our Personal Care entrance fee on many locations - an offer valued at over $6,000. 

More than ever, you now have a tremendous opportunity to join a community renowned for its thoughtfully developed Personal Care program, built around what’s best for our residents to keep them both physically and mentally fit.

Our Personal Care residents will be the first to tell you: the Community at Telford is home. And if their funding should deplete through no fault of their own, they know they can rely on the assurance of our Benevolent Fund.

We're also excited to present...

Respite Incentive

The care and support provided by Telford’s respite program helps countless people get back on their feet, and leave strong. But with each individual comes unique circumstances, and at times, this transition can be complicated due to ending insurance coverage or doubt regarding living safely in a home location.

For a limited time, we’re excited to offer the following respite incentive, which could answer these difficult questions while saving you money. Over a 30-day minimum stay in our respite program, we hope you not only feel better and stronger each day, but also that you enjoy being a member of our community. After this time, if you decide to join our community, we would like to thank you by offering you the following:
     > If you become a Personal Care resident, we will credit a portion of the respite fee back to you (the $20/day daily fee, or, $600 per month) toward your entrance fee.
     > If you become a member of Independent Living, this same fee will be credited to your first monthly service fee.

These incentives are options for you, and opportunities to continue serving you for us – everyone wins. Most of all, we want you to leave when it feels right, and go to what feels right.

To learn more about these limited time offers, contact Donna Lix, Community Liaison, at (267) 203-1179, or fill out the form below.

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