How An Inspired Idea Became A New Community.

Lutheran values and ideals guide our mission and vision.

Our Mission: The Lutheran Community at Telford is a secure retirement community providing a progressive level of care. We are committed to a Christian environment dedicated to the compassionate, loving and spiritual well-being of our residents.

Our Vision: Rooted in the faith of our founders; building on our passion for care to be recognized as an industry leader in Continuing Care Retirement Communities. 

The idea for the Lutheran Community at Telford took shape when twelve local church leaders came together to discuss the needs of their older congregation members. They became inspired to create a new kind of community where seniors could live with care, dignity, friendship and respect.

In the 50 years since then, the Lutheran Community at Telford has provided the highest level of care that promotes the well-being of every resident. We are responsive to needs of our residents and have a clear vision and plan to meet the needs of those who will join our community in the future.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsOur current Sponsoring Churches include:

    • Emmanuel Lutheran, Souderton
    • Jerusalem Lutheran, Sellersville
    • Little Zion Lutheran, Telford
    • Peace-Tohickon Lutheran, Perkasie
    • St. Andrew’s Lutheran, Perkasie
    • St. John’s Lutheran, Sellersville
    • St. Matthew’s Lutheran, Perkasie
    • St. Michael’s Lutheran, Sellersville
    • St. Paul’s Lutheran, Telford
    • St. Peter’s Lutheran, Hilltown
    • Trinity Lutheran, Perkasie
    • Trinity Lutheran, Lansdale

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